Hendrik Beikirch

Jun 16, 2015


For his third exhibition with the Ruttkowski;68 Gallery, Hendrik Beikirch depicts people under the theme ‘Waiting’. The German artist is specialized in black and white pencil drawing that transforms people from the anonymous to the iconic. Beikirch reconstructs classical portraiture through his own language, mostly spoken through the timeworn faces of elderly men. Whether it’s a 240-foot mural, a canvas or a small print, he manages to capture his subjects’ innermost emotions.

‘Waiting’ features portraits of people Beikirch encountered in his numerous trips around the world. These characters are frozen in a moment of time in a pose heavy with expectation. What are they waiting for? It’s the question that frames the exhibition’s sense of mystery. This is an anthropological show, one that addresses the personal and the public, the individual and the masses.

Vukovarska Ulica 52_ 150x115x10cm
Vukovarska Ulica 52 (Croatia), 2015, Acrylic, India ink and spray paint on canvas, 150 x 115 cm

west49thstreet_125 x 189 x 10 cm
West 49th Street (USA), 2013, Acrylic, India ink and spay paint on canvas, 125 x 190 cm

Hendrik Beikirch


June 5 – July 19, 2015

Bismarckstrasse 70
50672 Köln