Mrz 30, 2012


There are plenty of discussions about graffiti and its categorization. Can graffiti be regarded as art? With the rising interest in urban cultures, more and more galleries and museums dare to show young creatives who developed their artistic talent within the graffiti scene.

As another proof of the fading borders between the low and high culture, it is now the French TV station ARTE, who displays their interest in the graffiti culture.

Together with the team of ilovegraffiti.de, ARTE Creative brings 5MINUTES into being – an episode giving an extended view on the Urban Art movement within the ever-growing international Urban Art scene. The videos that were named after the length of the episodes, give a short but very intense view at young serious artists and the scene. Interviews and artists portraits capture graffiti and street art footage from Munich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Madrid, Prague,…

The current feature showcases  Rafael Gerlach alias SATONE. The graphic designer discovered his interest in graffiti in early life, developed his very own style in an intensive way and found a formal vocabulary, that perpetrated a fascinating middle course between technocracy and the artwork of imaginary worlds.


ARTE Creative