Adam McEwen
‘Traditional Contemporary’

Okt 31, 2015

New York

‘Traditional Contemporary’ is Adam McEwen‘s new show of at the Petzel Gallery. As objected by its title, the exhibition interrogates our traditional, familiar moments and representations in order to depict them in an unfamiliar format. Thus creating a disfunction in between the expected and the visible.

McEwen began his carer as a obituaries writer for the London Telegraph.He soon created his own ones, except that his featured alive personalities. Therefore, Bill Clinton or Jeff Koons appeared to have their own obituaries symbolizing the blur frontier in between history and fiction. For ‘Traditional Contemporary’, the british artist deals with everyday and disregarded objects such as a can of soda. The branding game of big companies is left aside to focus on a portraiture representation of supermodel like women underlined by their name. Heather, Erica and Sylvia, three big scale canvas compose the core of the minimalist yet comprehensive show.


Adam McEwen, Traditional Contemporary, Installation view 5, 2015

Petzel Gallery

October 30 – December 19, 2015

456 W 18th Street
New York, New York 1001