Anish Kapoor
‘Jardins de Versailles’

Jul 21, 2015


After Jeff Koons, Bernar Venet and Lee Ufan, Anish Kapoor is the eighth artist to takes over Versailles. The Indian-English artist already surprised Paris in 2011 with a Leviathan installation at the Grand Palais, but this time it is to an even bigger scale that he confronts himself.

This summer, it is the Versailles gardens generating the polemic. Among the six sculptures expressly created by Kapoor for the Le Nôtre garden, there is the ‘Dirty Corner’, more commonly called ‘ The Queen Vagina’. This artwork is a gigantic tube of steel surrounded by rocks and a big red wall at its end. Deliberately charged with sexual connotations, ’Dirty Corner’ is well representative of Kapoor’s art: elusive, simple and direct. Along with the sensationalist piece, there are some of the artist’s more evocative pieces on show as for example, a mirror piece recalling the Chicago Bean, a circular whirlpool, and a red painting shooting gun.

Mirror and water are both main components of Kapoor’s oeuvre and of Versailles’ castle and gardens, working like guiding light in-between the two constituents who become allied for the summer.

Dirty Corner

Shooting into the Corner

Anish Kapoor

Jardins de Versailles

June 09 – November 01, 2015

Pavillon des Roulettes
Grille du Dragon
78000 Versailles