Arth Daniels

Nov 16, 2012


Arth Daniels isn’t quite what you’d expect from a self taught portrait artist, especially one whose work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery. His work is anything but traditional; Inspired by Cinema, Make-up artistry and Visual Effects, Arth’s paintings utilise his studies in photorealism to portray the grandeur of facial expression, identity and form whilst incorporating humour along the way.

His current exhibition Plastic Surgery features paintings on canvas and 3d sculptures. As to that, the artist states:

“With the new series of paintings my aim is to try and move away from the darker works whilst keeping the same theme, shifting away from harsher imagery and muting the elements of surrealism I hope the new work carries a linear idea. {…} The work and the process behind the work is playful and I hope this translates, I’m not aiming to shock with it inthe slightest, but to make people look at things from a different angle whilst remaining visually bold and engaging on a surface level. The colours are easy on the eye, and the palette is considered. The work is inspired by manyelements but with this show there is a strong influence from tangible design, 3D visual arts and sculpture.”

Arth Daniels

StolenSpace Gallery

November 16th – December 2nd, 2012
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL