Barnaby Furnas

Apr 30, 2013


New York-based artist Barnaby Furnas currently holds his first solo show at renowned Victoria Miro gallery.

The active moment versus painting’s innate stillness has been a central concern of Barnaby Furnas’ work over the past decade. Pitched between depicted action and the act of painting – paint’s illusory potential and its materiality – Furnas entwines history with art history in provocative combinations of narrative and form.

The first and last day comprises two distinct yet closely related bodies of work which bookend all of time, encompassing origin and the end of the world. Employing grand religious subjects as familiar narratives for his works, Furnas has developed a suite of six large-scale paintings presented in the downstairs gallery which depict the Creation myth, while upstairs, a series of contemplative near-abstractions evoke the vast desolation of the final flood.

Victoria Miro

April 25 – May 25, 2013
16 Wharf Road
London N1 7RW