Blazing Stars Review

Mrz 4, 2016


Blazing Stars was a two-day group exhibition at Frankfurt-based Korrekt space presenting the four German artists Dominik Dresel, Jochen Stierberger, Béla Feldberg and Max Huckle who have been brought together for this show by curator Mathias Weinfurter.

Blazing Stars flirts with boundaries of different media. Each of the four young artists experiments with unexpected surfaces. Photography, for example, is linked to new media like clothes or carpet. The show is inspired by natural and social sciences as well as gambling games. Max Huckle created an installation presenting his photographs printed on sweatshirts, hence reformulating the traditional display formalities. Jochen Stierberger links his studies in sciences with his current art education through a galaxy inspired piece. Photography artist Béla Feldberg metamorphoses ten identical scarves into a big scale photograph playing with the viewer’s expectation. So does Dominik Dresel who displays the picture of a motorcycle and a car on top of a brick wall. In-between luck, risk and failure Blazing Stars is an encounters.

Béla Feldberg_Ansicht
Béla Feldberg, ohne Titel, 2016, 10 Schals, jeweils 17 x 145 cm

Dominik Dresel_Ansicht
Dominik Dresel, Fata Morgana, 2016, Projektion auf Drahtornamentglas auf Betonsockel 164 x 100 cm