Bryan Adams

Feb 3, 2013


It is not yet widely known that musician and composer Bryan Adams is a gifted photographer, too. In addition to his passion for music, his love of art — and of photography in particular — has grown over the past few decades. His current exhibition Bryan Adams – Exposed shows a comprehensive cross-section of the Canadian’s best works.

“I took my first photos with a small camera that belonged to my parents,” says Adams when asked about the genesis of his passion for photography. “The subjects of my first film, in the mid 1970s, were concert photos of the Beach Boys, parking lot walls, my girlfriend in the bathroom, my Mom, my piano, just everyday things, but exactly the things I could see around me.” Over the years, the subjects of Adams’ photos changed. Numerous friends, celebrities, and super stars posed for him including Amy Winehouse, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Ben Kingsley, Mickey Rourke in the bathtub, or Dustin Hoffman wearing a suit and fishing in the sea. In 2002, on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee, he was selected to make a portrait of the queen. The resulting photo later appeared on a Canadian stamp.

Bryan Adams

NRW-Forum Dusseldorf

February 2 – May 22, 2013
Ehrenhof 2
40479 Dusseldorf