Chuck Close

Okt 19, 2012

New York City

For more than five decades, Chuck Close has captured his friends and family in portraits that are as abstract as they are realistic, executed in a diverse range of media and techniques. His current exhibition, Chuck Close, adds digitally produced watercolors to that list, including never-before-seen portraits of Philip Glass, Cindy Sherman, and Kara Walker.

“Invention,” Storr writes, “plays a pivotal part in the fundamental dynamics of Close’s work but not in the sense of contriving an unprecedented pictorial or conceptual model. Instead his pragmatism or, better said, innovative empiricism, is aimed at devising previously untested ways of filtering and organizing the data he observes in nature, initially captures photographically, and seeks to transpose by other means onto a two-dimensional surface.”

Chuck Close

Pace Gallery

October 19th – December 22nd, 2012
534 West 25th Street
New York NY 10001