Damien Hirst
´Damien Hirst: New Religion´

Mrz 29, 2015


The Lightbox is currently hosting Damien Hirst: New Religion–a solo exhibition by the eponymous British artist. Displaying silkscreen prints, paintings and sculptures, the show conveys Hirst’s notion of belief stating that ”science is the new religion”.

Alongside his renowned black skulls, Hirst represents medicine with the big “Paracetanol” art piece which embodies the world of pharmacy, when biological representation of butterflies on a black background evoke the sciences. Interrogating the relations and correlations between faith and medicine, and art and religion Damien Hirst: New Religion represents the widespread themes of the London-based artist.

Hirst regards religion a a provider of hope in our contemporary society. He mixes death, love, art and science in order to create his own representation of religion.



Damien Hirst

The Lightbox

March 28 – July 5, 2015

Chobham Road
Woking, Surrey,
GU21 4AA