Dan-ah Kim

Jan 28, 2013

Los Angeles

Dan-ah Kim’s work is personally charged; informed by dream, personal narrative, and thematic intuition. A perfect combination of the personal and the appropriated, the artist’s work combines historical graphic and illustrative inspirations, gleaned from textile, print work, and pattern, with a revitalized sensibility owing to the creative singularity of her vision. Haunted, and delicately executed, the artist’s work offers us a glimpse into a folkloric world of her own making. The work feels simultaneously ancient and contemporary, owing to the minutiae of its detail and execution, coupled by its haunting psychological valence and graphic sensibility.

The seeming fragility of line and pattern in combination with dark graphic silhouettes, gives the work a diaphanous and fleeting quality, as though we are peering through a seamlessly woven veil of reality and reverie that could easily be dispersed and scattered at a moment’s notice. The tenuity of the mark making and patterning are exceptional, contributing to an aesthetic experience that combines delicacy with graphic clarity. The artist often incorporates textile, collage, and sewing techniques, amplifying the delicacy of the work with depth and a unique materiality. Sifting through the artist’s gossamer webs, we are left with the overwhelming feeling of an exquisite and indefinable world; itinerant, fleeting, and enigmatic. The works are moving poetic investigations of complex psychological landscapes, dexterously distilled to a perfect economy of movement, pattern, and line in the artist’s skillful hand.

Dan-ah Kim

Thinkspace Art Gallery

January 12 – February 2, 2013
6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232