DC Open

Sep 1, 2016


With DC Open – Düsseldorf and Cologne join forces and present an exhibition program running in selected galleries of both cities. With a total of 57 galleries – 20 collaborative in Düsseldorf and 37 in Cologne -, DC Open offers a wide variety of exhibitions along with, for the first time, guided tours presented on http://www.dc-open.de/ and that you can join by sending an email to contact@dc-open.de.

Beck & Eggeling presents an exhibition by Heribert C.Ottersbach, Conrads shows new works by Gursky ‚Meisterschülerin’ Anna Vogel and Sies + Höke put installations by Julian Charrière on display. This is how a best of Düsseldorf program could sound like. In Cologne, the Galerie Boisserée presents works on Paper and Canvas by Jan Voss while Galerie Karsten Greve displays Paperworks by Cy Twombly and Galerie Gisela Capitain showcases a solo show comprising works by Elfie Semotan.

Cy Twombly, Notes from Sperlonga, 1959

Anna Vogel, Protection I, 2016, Pigment Print, Edelstahl poliert, 60 x 45 cm

DC open

Beck & Eggeling


Sies + Höke

Galerie Boisserée

Galerie Karsten Greve

Galerie Gisela Capitain

Friday 02 – Sunday 04, 2016