Erwin Olaf x Ruinart

Apr 1, 2016


After Hubert Le Gall and his Calendrier de verre in 2015, it is now Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf who is now joining forces with French champagne house Ruinart. Each year, an artist interprets Ruinart, its values and aesthetics through an exclusive work of art. Erwin Olaf visited the winery with his 35 year old Hasselblad to capture the essence of the champagne house and its meticulous details.

Erwin Olaf works’ recall colors, lighting and controversy. His Paradise The Club or It’s just the RAIN series are conscientiously staged and performed with human as a core substance. Yet with this black and white pictures, Olaf reveals another aspect of his work. The focus is set on the human’s marks instead of their physicality. Over the years, signs and drawings have been inscribed on the crayères’ walls signifying the long lasting generations that passed through Ruinart’s winery. Interconnecting history and contemporaneity, Olaf’s series witnesses the imprints of the established champagne house and will be presented for the first time during Gallery Weekend Berlin in MeCollectors Room.






Erwin Olaf

Gallery Weekend Berlin

Me Collectors Room


April 27 - May 01, 2016

Auguststraße 68
10117 Berlin