Escape Velocity

Dez 17, 2012

San Francisco

The term escape velocity is used in physics to describe the speed that is needed to “break free” from the earth’s gravitational pull. This concept is a metaphor for Mirus Gallery’s second same-named show, which features a group of emerging and mid-career artists whose work marks the vision of how the gallery plans to move forward and break ground with its progressive programming.

Escape Velocity showcasrs works by artists Tom Berenz, Steve Budington, John Deardourff, Joshua Dildine, Michael Dotson, Julian Duron, Matthias Düwel, Sarah Emerson, Clark Goolsby, Daniel Healey, Dean Monogenis, Kenji Nakayama & Dana Woulfe, Pepa Prieto, Allison Renshaw, James Roper, Jaime Treadwell and Bas Zoontjens.


December 15th, 2012 – January 26th, 2013
540 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105