Fred Sandback

Mrz 6, 2012

New York City

As Fred Sandback’s career (1943 – 2003) spans a long period of time, the exhibition in gallery David Zwirner is fittingly named Decades.

By stretching lengths of yarn horizontally, vertically, or diagonally at different scales and in varied configurations, Fred Sandback developed a unique body of work that elaborated on the phenomenological experience of space and volume with unwavering consistency and ingenuity.

Fred Sandback was a minimalist conceptual-based sculptor known for his yarn sculptures, drawings, and prints.

Decades showcases several smaller-scale, early works in metal and cord from the 1960s; significant permutational works from the 1970s that change over time; reliefs and site-situational constructions from later in the artist’s career; and a selection of drawings and artist’s books, thus demonstrating the scope of formal and conceptual invention that the artist achieved within his defined idiom.


David Zwirner

March 9th – April 21st, 2012
525 West 19th Street
New York, NY 10011

Fred Sandback