Geoff McFetridge

Mrz 18, 2014


American artist Geoff McFetridge has developed a distinct visual alphabet and vocabulary. His paintings are minimal, but convey overwhelming possibilities at the same time. He puts a lot of faith in the viewer’s ability to finish what he started. A silhouette of a girl in a bathing suit, barely suggested by the juxtaposition of colors, caught on a cyan pane dissecting the canvas, is at once poetic, humorous, heartbreaking, mundane and magic. The work is titled “The Trap” and is a precise example of McFetridge’s visual language, a tightrope between figuration and abstraction. Remove one color or line, and the composition collapses. The lack of charged or abundant information enables the viewer’s mind to compensate and stimulates a personal narrative.

MEDITALLUCINATION – McFetridge’s upcoming show at V1 gallery – consists of 13 new paintings.

Geoff McFetridge


March 22 – April 26, 2014
Flæsketorvet 69 – 71
1711 Copenhagen V