Georg Baselitz
‘Jumping Over My Shadow’

Sep 17, 2016

New York

Jumping Over My Shadow is Georg Baselitz new solo show in Gagosian Gallery New York location. The exhibition presents the iconic abstraco-representational paintings from the German artist along with monumental sculptures.

Human and the human body are the fundamental basis of Baselitz’s corpus. It is therefore not a surprise that they compose the core of Jumping Over My Shadow. Mostly upside down, the compositions avoid the direct comparison to reality that was in vogue in 1969, when Baselitz began creating. Forty years later, he is still busy with this technique that merge together the limits of colour, the human body and his personal experience. His introspection of the human can clearly be seen through ‘Abgang mit Marcel’ (Leaving with Marcel), a painting recreating vascular system through an abstract nude. Although his paintings are getting more abstract with the years, it is quite the opposite with his sculpture. Made out of bronze they call for directness and legibility. Jumping Over My Shadow therefore connects both the abstract and the real.

Georg Baselitz, Zweimal Treppe runter (Twice Down the Stairs), 2016, oil on canvas, 122 1/16 × 99 5/8 inches (310 × 253 cm)

GEORG BASELITZ, Zero Mobil (Zero Mobile), 2014. Patinated bronze 36 1/4 × 111 13/16 × 31 1/2 inches (92 × 284 × 80 cm). © Georg Baselitz.


September 20 – October 29, 2016

522 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011