George Herms

Sep 26, 2013

Los Angeles

With his current exhibition entitled Emergio, George Herms realizes a long-standing ambition to see his customarily small-scale paper collages blown-up to a magnified proportion. The increased dimension of this new work exemplifies his discriminate control of the medium and furthers the potency of its abstract imagery.

With ten large pieces on wood panels, Herms changes the semblance of his source material (page clippings of discarded women’s fashion magazines), which he normally collages directly at scale. For Emergio,he expands the content beyond its original scope by printing enlargements of the cutout sections, resulting in amplified and enigmatic versions of his amorphic, two-dimensional inventions. In addition to this new series, Herms includes several sculptures that span from 1980 until now. These three-dimensional pieces highlight the course of his practice, as they also inform the quantum transitions from sculptural to collapsed, bridged by his work. Emergio reveals the progression of the artist‘s formative dialogue, his prolific career, and why he continues to influence contemporary artists, today.

Since the ’40s, George Herms has created work across several disciplines, but he is most widely recognized for his collages and found object sculptures. Historically, his work is associated with the California assemblage movement, the Semina artist circle, and with contributing to the development of the West Coast aesthetic.


September 14 – October 26, 2013
937 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90069