Hendrik ecb Beikirch
Blurring Boundaries

Apr 1, 2014


In June this year, ‘Blurring Boundaries’, the first monograph on Hendrik ecb Beikirch will hit stores. Now, a video trailer gives a little foretaste of what is coming.

It was back in the 1980s when Hendrik ecb Beikirch held a can of spray paint for the first time. He wielded it like a vandal, leaving graffiti on trains until he took on the art establishment, replacing the metallic surfaces of public transport vehicles with canvas, wood and concrete. By that point, the only link Beikirch maintained to his illicit past was his pseudonym – the three letters connecting his first and family names.

Today, Beikirch is most famously known for his remarkably personal portrait paintings, depicted on large-scale, skyscraping murals and canvases that each tell a story.

And now, his first monograph – ‘Blurring Boundaries’ – tells the story of the artist himself. The book covers Beikirch’s works over the years, from those created in his studio in Germany to the statement pieces in South Korean megacity Busan, where he painted Asias’s tallest mural to date. In this way, Beikirch is blurring boundaries and extending the limits of graffiti to a yet unknown level.