International Woman

Apr 23, 2012


The group exhibition International Woman celebrates fifteen female artists from the Pop Surrealist and Urban contemporary art movement. Working in underground art movements primarily dominated by men, these women have created a name for themselves as independent, talented artists working with new mediums, ideas and concepts. Individually they have influenced the overall direction of contemporary art, as a group they have changed the way women are viewed and accepted in urban culture today.

Artists include: Catalina Estrada (Spain), Elizabeth Mcgrath (USA), Faith 47 (South Africa), Hera (Germany), Holly Thoburn (UK), Kukula (Isreal), Mel Kadel (USA), Miss Van (France), Nom Kinnear King (UK), Pam Glew (UK), Sarah Joncas (USA), Stella Im Hultberg (Korea), Swoon (USA), Tara Mcpherson (USA), Xue Wang (China).

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

March 31st – July 7th, 2012
Museum Street, Cultural Quarter
Warrington, WA1 1JB