Israel Lund

Mai 7, 2013

Los Angeles

In his current exhibition at Roberts & Tilton gallery, New York artist, Israel Lund examines the interest in the interplay between what is happening within the paintings and the context in which they are shown. The works are exhibited in a way that mimics the title of the exhibition, some hanging closely together and others spaced farther apart than one would expect.

This new body of work, consisting of canvases measuring 44 x 34 inches each, challenges the nature of a traditional painting show, playing on ideas of classic print making techniques. Each painting is derived from another black & white painting smaller in scale. This source painting is developed from applying a truncated silkscreen process to raw canvas. There is no image, per se, to begin with, yet the subsequent image is a direct result of the artist’s meticulous process.

Based on one original silkscreen on raw canvas, Lund creates work by photographing the original painting, transferring the photograph into PDF form utilizing an iPhone application, enlarging the image via Photoshop, printing out the image, burning it into a larger screen which is then silkscreened on raw canvas in layers of cyan, magenta and yellow. This process reveals paintings that are at once sophisticated and conceptual, with a final resolution that references the Ben-Day dots of Lichtenstein, the haunting quality of a Warhol shadow painting and the luminosity of a Richter abstraction.

Israel Lund

Roberts & Tilton

April 13 – May 25, 2013
5801 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232