Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Dez 19, 2012


“The Unknown Hipster” is a creature born between the demimonde of Paris and the hip enclaves of New York. Of obscure pedigree and questionable occupation, the “Unknown Hipster” nonetheless seems to be able to attend exclusive openings, guest-only parties, and private fashion shows. He mixes with artists and celebrities with all levels of fame – from the painfully hip threeASFOUR in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to Karl Lagerfeld’s ne plus ultra exclusive fitting chambers. In between, the “Unknown Hipster” crashes François Pinault’s party in Venice, communes with Marina Abramovic at MoMA, has a run-in with a faux John Baldessari, and attends the Occupy Wall Street protests.

As written and drawn by the celebrated illustrator and author Jean-Philippe Delhomme, the “Unknown Hipster’”s adventures are by turns sly, perceptive, and extremely funny. Delhomme simultaneously celebrates and pokes fun at our culture’s obsession with fame and exclusivity. Adapted from Delhomme’s The Unknown Hipster blog in the form of a diary, this witty book precisely captures in words and drawings contemporary culture today.

Next to the book, the exhibition The Unknown Hipster presents original drawings and limited edition prints.

Jean-Philippe Delhomme


December 10th, 2012 – January 3rd, 2013
213 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris