Joe Sorren

Aug 9, 2013

New Orleans

AFA Gallery opens The Art of Joe Sorren tonight, a two-day exhibition that features original paintings and the debut of a new graphic by American Artist Joe Sorren.

oe Sorren’s fluid and expressive brush strokes convey thick layers of emotion. His compositions are soft and soothing, and invite the viewer to explore deeply emotional subjects within hazy and dreamlike landscapes. Mr. Sorren allows his artworks to evolve naturally and subconsciously over the months and sometimes years that it takes for one of his paintings to manifest. As new layers of paint are added, a figure may evolve into a tree or a landscape, and sometimes what begins as tree can morph into into a creature in this fluid and organic process.

Joe Sorren

AFA Gallery

August 9 – August 10, 2013
809 Royal Street
New Orleans LA 70116