Malika Favre

Sep 6, 2012


Malika Favre’s Hide and Seek tells the story of an intriguing and sophisticated woman travelling from one pattern to the next, hiding from the unsuspecting viewer. The woman sometimes reveals herself to us for a short moment in time, only to run away towards her next mysterious destination.

Fascinated by patterns in everyday life, urban surroundings and architecture, French born Malika Favre has put together Hide and Seek, her first solo show in London. Malika’s work is bold and minimalistic, exploring the relationship between positive and negative space. Working within a narrative core, she always likes to play with the viewer’s imagination, “there is such beauty and intrigue in those repetitive concrete balconies, I felt like creating a series of abstract prints based on the architectural patterns that no one really notices.”

The prints on show work together as a series of optical experiments. Malika hopes “it will make people see the beauty in their everyday surroundings, leaving with a smile and feeling sightly dizzy.”

Malika Favre

Kemistry Gallery

September 6th – September 29th, 2012
43 Charlotte Road
London EC2A 3PD