Mark Chagall

Aug 11, 2012


The phenomenon of Chagall’s creativity permanently provokes interest both in Russia and abroad. In Mark Chagall. The Origins of the Master’s Creative Language. To the 125th birth Anniversary, the Tretyakov Gallery exhibits little known Chagall’s drawings, watercolors and gouaches of the period from early Vitebsk sketches to latest Paris collages, and also his etchings – the famous illustrations to the Holy Bible and to La Fontaine’s fables.

Mark Chagall didn’t get professional art education. His main teacher was his natural surrounding – life of Jewish, Russian, Belarusian, Lithuanian and French people. Realistic or fantastic events, reflected by the painter in his works, are always connected with true life and real locations by so called special “Chagall’s passwords”: everyday objects or recognizable signs of the places. You can find those “passwords” everywhere: in his naïve signboards for a barber in Vitebsk and for a milkman in Paris, on the cross of the orthodox church and in chimeras of the Notre Dam, in simple embroidery and on menorahs and Torah, in street musicians and on revolutionary banners.The painter said: “It is not true, that my art is fantastic. I’m realist and I love normal life on the Earth!”

The State Tretyakov Gallery

June 15th – September 30th, 2012
10, Lavrushinsky Lane
Moscow, 119017