‘Noir Dedans’

Mrz 20, 2016


Noir Dedans that could be translated to ’Black Inside’ is the title of a group show at the Manoir de Martigny. It brings together thirteen artists such as Mitchell Anderson, Julian Göthe, Phil Solomon and Nick Oberthaler. The works are bound together through the themes of loss of reality and its representation.

Joris-Karl Huysmans’ book ‘A rebours’ (‘count down’) is the starting point of Noir Dedans. The fictive character that inhabits the novel struggles with boredom and tries to escape to the scourge of the age. Along with Huysmans’, French writer Jean Cocteau and designer Yves Saint Laurent are major inspirations for the show. Cocteau’s famous sentence that Saint Laurent embroidered on his A/W1984 collection „Soleil, moi je suis noir deadens et rose dehors“ (Sun, I am black inside and pink outside) inspired the name and theme of the show. Swiss artist and curator Thomas Julier displays advertising photographs while Julian Göthe and Martin Ebner collaborated on a video installation reminiscent of optical art. Austrian artist Nick Oberthaler who is represented by Galerie Thaddeus Ropac presents for the occasion a multi media installation. Mirrors, woods and plexiglas form altogether an illusion in between reality and imagination.

Capture d’écran 2016-03-15 à 20.42.39
Nick Oberthaler, Untitled, 2016, 2 miroirs Aludibond, colle hybride transparente, poussière, plexiglass sur support en bois, 240 x 125 cm

Capture d’écran 2016-03-15 à 20.42.54
Julian Göthe, Nocturne, 2011, DVD, b/w silent, 2’52”, En collaboration avec Martin Ebner, Ed. 4 + 1 EA

February 26 – May 22, 2016

Manoir de Martigny

Place du Manoir 1
1920 Martigny