Park Seo-Bo
‘Ecriture 1967-1981′

Jan 13, 2016


‘Ecriture 1967-1981’presents an overview of Korean artist Park Seo-Bo. White Cube Mason’s Yard location displays the first ever exhibition of Park in the UK through a selection of pieces from his Ecriture series.

As a leading figure of Korean art, moreover of ‘ Dansaekhwa’ meaning ‘Korean Monochrome Movement’ that he formed with Chung Sang-Hwa, Ha Chong Hyun, Chung Chang-Sup and KIM Whanki, Park Seo-Bo’s work is culturally and historically grounded in the Korean Civil War that divided the country into North and South. As implied by its tilted, ‘Ecriture 1967-1981’ retraces the mentioned years through 16 works. Eliminating any form of gesture, Park concentrates on repeated pencil lines incised into his monochromatic pieces. Using white as a core theme, the artworks look like plain surface at first sight. Yet they are the result of regular incisions into the white paint, thus playing with light effects and reliefs. As explained by Park ‘Even though my paintings may represent an idea about culture, the main focus is based on nature […] I want to reduce the idea and emotion in my work to express only that. I want to reduce and reduce – to create pure emptiness.’ Thus, Park evokes an art with no form, no image, where vibrations and sensation prevail.



White Cube

January 15 – March 12, 2016

25 – 26 Mason’s Yard