Philip-Lorca DiCorcia

Jun 21, 2013

Frankfurt on the Main

Born in 1951, Philip-Lorca diCorcia is one of the most important and influential photographers of today. His images oscillate between everyday elements and arrangements that are staged down to the smallest details. In his oeuvre, images that are seemingly close to reality taken with an ostensibly documentary eye are undermined by highly elaborate direction of the images. One of the key topics that diCorcia addresses is the issue of whether reality can be represented and this is one of the continuous threads linking his photographs, most of which he creates as series.

For example, for ‘Hustlers’ (1990–1992), he took photographs of male prostitutes in minutely staged settings, while for what is presumably his most famous series, ‘Heads’ (2000–2001), he captured a second of the everyday life of passersby on the street in New York, who were oblivious to him. Alongside the series ‘Streetwork’ (1993–1999), ‘Lucky’ 13 (2004) and ‘A Storybook Life’ (1975–1999), the exhibition at the SCHIRN features works from his new and ongoing ‘East of Eden’ project.


June 20 – September 8, 2013
60311 Frankfurt on the Main