Reece Jones

Mrz 23, 2012


The exhibition title Control Test refers to the recurring motif of a ‘blank’ rectilinear screen that appears throughout the work. This negative space inhabits a series of shifting landscapes operating as a ‘constant’ or ‘control element’ against which these ever changing topographies are measured. The screens may also be considered to be postmodern monuments, light sources and formal devices whose characteristics dictate the composition and resonance of the works.

Reference points are many and varied and explore the highly charged territory that exists between cinema, landscape and interventional art. Sampling vistas and themes from American ‘frontiersmen’ such as Kensitt, Church and Ansel Adams, Jones’ constant erosion and re-imposition of surface builds images that are both authoritative and temporal. The collision of stark compositional geometry with invented, organic landscapes challenge what we understand to be ‘actual’ to create instead a hybrid space caught between the real and the imagined. As Reece Jones says, he loves it “when the drawing starts to take a different path from the one I had intended. It’s to do with impermanence and fragility and my own personal struggle with that.”

All Visual Arts

March 23rd – April 21st, 2012
2 Omega Place
Kings Cross
London N1 9DR
United Kingdom