Robin Rhode
‘Borne Frieze’

Jun 30, 2015

New York

Borne Frieze‘ is Robin Rhode‘s third exhibition with Lehmann Maupin gallery. The exhibition and its title refer to the artist’s South African roots through the common post-apartheid sentence ‘Born Frees’. Rhode often makes use of verbal and visual puns and brings to life a bridge in between the ideals and reality that reign in South Africa as well as in Europe, where he currently lives and works.

Rhode is very recognizable through his clear and accessible form of expression. He usually works with simple material such as charcoal and paint but investigates other medium such as performances, too. his popular ‘Car Theft’ (2003). While exploring a huge spectrum of topics, he finds expression in rhythms, gestures and immediacy that he incorporates by sculptural elements and effects to his works. With ‘Chalk Bike’, a life-size bicycle, Rhodes ‘activates’ the added object in order to create his drawings that therefore become ephemeral. No permanency is found in Rhode’s works who aims at an evanescent action.



Lehmann Maupin

June 25 – August 21, 2015

536 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10011