Station to Station

Sep 21, 2013

Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Coast

Over the course of three weeks, a train momentary travels from New York City to San Francisco, making nine stops at train stations across the country. Organized by multimedia artist Doug Aitken, Station to Station connects leading figures and underground creators from the worlds of art, music, food, literature, and film for a series of cultural interventions and site-specific happenings.

An artist-driven public art project made possible by Levi’s®, Station to Station raises funds through ticket sales and donations to support non-traditional programming at partner institutions around the country. A moving platform for artistic experimentation, the train’s journey is constantly changing as artists and audiences alike encounter a creative collision of contemporary art, experimental music, and film. The Doug Aitken designed train turned kinetic sculpture acts as a cultural studio—globally broadcasting unique content and experiences from the stops as well as on the moving train. Long after departing the last station, Station to Station will leave an indelible creative mark on its local and global audience—opening eyes and shifting perceptions.

Next to himself Doug Aitken got a number of artists on board. These include Urs Fischer, Kenneth Anger, Olaf Breuning, Carsten Höller, Lawrence Weiner and many more

Next stops are:
September, 22th: Winslow, Arizona
September, 24th: Barstow, California
September, 26th: Los Angeles, California
September, 28th: Oakland/San Francisco, California