‘The Shadow of the Avant-Garde’

Okt 21, 2015


‘The Shadow of the Avant-Garde’ is enlightening the self-taught, often disregarded artists who emerged alongside with the Parisian Avant-Garde of Fernand Leger, Pablo Picasso and Paul Gauguin. With this exhibition, the Museum Folkwang draws attention onto photographers, painters and sculptors whose lack of art education often uncredited from the art scene.

Henri Rousseau, Séraphine Louis, André Bauchant, Morris Hirschfield, Bill Taylor, or more recently Mike Kelley. Coming from different centuries and countries, these artists all share a self-taught art practice and nonconformist ways of expression. Emerging as outsiders on the art scene, they developed a very unique style acquired through a vision unformatted by the usual art schools. With the Douanier Rousseau in the lead, the so-called ‘Shadow of the Avant-Garde’ represents an art movement in which emotional drive, gut feeling and everyday life or dream are the main inspirational tools. The exhibition therefore relates the uncommon art and destiny of these artists who have often been relegated to the second place when telling the Avant-Garde art history.



Museum Folkwang

October 18 – January 02, 2016

45128 Essen