Tom Burr

Okt 28, 2015

New York

The Bortolami gallery is currently presenting a Tom Burr exhibition. The American artist recreates the existence of symbolic locations. For ‘Circa‘, emblematic pieces from the 1990s share top billing with recents works, thus denoting the corpus of the artist on a larger scale.

With Burr, the intimate converges with the public, leaving no clear boundary in between both domains. Inspiring by gay communities and symbols, the artist’s body of work evolves with their iconic locations as represented by the ‘Circa ’77’ piece. The work recreates the Platspitz, a Zurich located park. Elected as a reunion point by the gay community, the park’s topography was performed in order to create meeting zones. It was ‘ cleaned up’ in the mid 1990s. This urban sanitation need inspired the creation of the piece that has been recreated on the occasion of the exhibition. Echoing the installation, stand the ‘compartmentalized privacy’ polaroid series of now destructed facades of the 42nd street. Thus, Burr eternalizes meaningful locations which disturbing connotation is to marks the history by confronting the distinction between public and private spheres.

Tom Burr Circa ’77, 1995, installation view, Kunsthalle Zürich

Capture d’écran 2015-10-28 à 15.36.59
Blatantly Bronze Landscape, 2012, Aluminium, steel and glass mirror ; six panels total , 360 x 180 x 6,3 cm


October 29 – December 23, 2015

520 W 20th Street
New York, NY 10011