Apr 17, 2013

Los Angeles

Artist group TrustoCorp seeks to point out the follies of contemporary society and politics with their bold, unexpected artwork and on site installations of meticulously fabricated billboards, highly produced street and subway signs and complex sculptural objects. The work is often entertaining and humorous, and always highlights timely, hard-hitting topics that unabashedly criticize and help draw attention to the ills of humanity.

For this new body of work at LeBasse Projects, the group takes on a more nuanced, subtle approach, presenting sculpture, paintings, works on paper and prints. The topic tackled for this exhibition is a social commentary on the city of Los Angeles and its dichotomy of poverty and wealth—Rodeo Drive versus Skid Row. The artists summarize their impression of the city of Los Angeles in the following statement:

‘Underneath the glossy veneer of tabloid magazines and Hollywood movies, the former middle class is struggling, families are facing poverty and America is slowly becoming a third world country. In the absence of any real help or solid solutions, there is hypocrisy, greed and hopelessness. Through our work, we hope to call attention to this reality, crack a few smiles and hopefully make some people think along the way.’


LeBasse Projects

April 13 – May 11, 2013
6023 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232