Unfinished Journeys

Mrz 18, 2012


We are marked by different languages and incompatible patterns of socialization. Thus the idea of a rooted identity, of an essentialist concept of identity as essence and origin of the subject, has to be substituted with an image of the subject as constituted by the routes it has traveled. So the question “Where are you from?” should be replaced by “Where have you traveled?” or even “Where are you traveling?”
Identity is a journey that is unfinished. The title of the exhibition Unfinished Journeys can be seen as an extended metaphor for the problem of identity formation. Many artists in the exhibition deal with the questions of identity as explicitly geographical spatial expeditions. Their journeys to real and imagined places show us life as a restless voyage of discovery, both literally and metaphorically.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

March 16th – May 20th, 2012
Bankplassen 4
0130 Oslo