Wolfgang Tillmans
‘central nervous system’

Okt 14, 2013


Maureen Paley currently shows central nervous system – Wolfgang Tillmans’ seventh solo show at the gallery.

For the last few years Tillmans has been working on his Neue Welt project, extending his photographic study to diverse global territories while developing ways of capturing and printing his imagery with advanced digital technology. This new exhibition is both a departure from Neue Welt as well as an extension of that vision. central nervous system presents a renewed exploration into portraiture for Tillmans and focuses on a single subject throughout the show. This new collection of images has not been exhibited before and is as much an intimate portrait of a nuanced relationship as it is a portrait of Tillmans himself.

Wolfgang Tillmans

Maureen Paley

October 14 – November 24, 2013
21 Herald Street
London E2 6JT