Feb 9, 2012

Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek are Dutch artists fascinated by society and its ongoing changes. Better known as a team than as individuals, the pair works together under the name Exactitudes, which is also the name of their long-time project that they began in the early 1990s.

Dutch Telekom had commissioned them to portray Dutch youth culture, and that task has since turned into their personal project. Exactitudes recalls the very moment it happened – New Year’s Eve, 1993: “We got half-drunken in our studio, did not go to any party, but decided to go on with the project. Exactitudes was born,” they say. “The week after, we went to ‘A Nightmare’, a real big gabber party in the Netherlands. We photographed gabbers. Next was the Gabberbitches, whereupon we worked on a series about gays whom we just spotted coincidentally in a bar. The series was called Casual Queers. Everything developed organically.”

Exactitudes has since enlarged to 136 series of different stereotypes, each speaking for themselves. We met them in Cologne. They had their first exhibition in Germany at Ruttkowski;68.

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