Jan Delay / Beginner

Mrz 12, 2012

In summer 2011, Jan Delay gave a concert in Hamburg, Germany, to bid farewell to his “Bahnhof Soul” era, a solo career characterized by a mixture of funk and pop music. The musician will now collaborate with his former band ‘Absolute Beginners,’ which first formed in Hamburg in the early 1990s with a combination of English Rap and an iron will.  Six albums and minus one member later, the band was renamed ‘Absolute Beginner.’ Then, after a seven-year break, Dennis Lisk, Guido Weiß und Jan Philip Eißfeldt reformed again simply as ‘Beginner.’ Their next album is expected to be released in Summer 2012. It will be interesting to hear what the trio produces after years of separation, especially given the different inspirations that have influenced each member.

We sat down with Jan Delay to look back at the early days, when he wore Starter jackets, hoodies, Doc Martens, down vests and denim overalls – a completely different look to the one he sports today.

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