Stefan Marx

Jul 16, 2012

In his 1967 theoretical work, Paragraphs on Conceptual Art, American conceptual artist Sol LeWitt wrote, “The idea becomes a machine that makes art.”

It’s highly possible that Stefan Marx would make the same observation today. The artist is best known for his drawings and typography. While he does not pursue any particular concept, an idea does indeed inform his art.

Marx does not necessarily work from a studio. He works intuitively, depicting whatever inspires him at any moment, whether in a night club, at a concert, on a plane or in a café.
He describes the perception of art as being snobbish or arrogant, and sets out to disprove that with his multifaceted and multi-layered art works.

Marx, who also draws graphics for the German fashion label Cleptomanicx and for record label Smallville, met up with us at the Karin Guenther gallery in Hamburg, which is exhibiting his solo show Die Hefte.

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