Breathing Atolls

Mrz 19, 2012


The Japan Foundation and National Centre for the Arts present the first full-scale contemporary art exhibition Breathing Atolls: Japan-Maldives Contemporary Art Exhibition at The National Art Gallery of the Maldives. The group of islands that consist of approximately 1,200 large and small islands, is well known for its unique beautiful natural environment formed with coral reef called “Atoll” scattering on the blue sea as if it forms a gentle loop. In spite of its beauty, Maldives has been facing danger of becoming submerged due to sea level rise caused by global warming.

At this exhibition, Japanese and Maldivian artists produce and show works to focus on natural environment, features and cultures in Maldives through installation, video, architecture, photo and drawings. Japanese artists wholly observe geographic and cultural environment peculiar to Maldives and people’s lifestyles through exchange with the local people. Even as the artists give play to their individuality, their artworks are linked by a common theme, the Maldivian environment. One by one, the works will be unique, like individual islands in an atoll. Together, like a fresh art breeze blowing through the Maldives.


The National Art Gallery of the Maldives

March 20th – April 19th, 2012
Sultan Park