Jan 5, 2016


The Black & White Gallery/Project Space is presenting FOMO for ‚Fear of Missing Out‘. Embodying an emerging syndrome of the 21st century, the show features works from Anastasia Ax, Joseph Bochynski, Nicole Reber, Ross Simonini and Rachel Stern.

The five artists explore the psychological legacy and complexities left by this obsession or missing that developed into a feeling of anxiety. Ross Simonini’s napkins series captures his emotional states through his daily occupations. Anastasia Ax’s creates sculptural paper bales reminiscence of her ‘The World As Of Yesterday 2015’ show that encompass strong visual references of our time. Nicole Reber creates intimate language panels conveying part of personal stories such as ‘My dad went to anger management with the guy who invented Tech decks so don’t feel sensitive about where you are you can’t fight the wind but you can certainly fall.’ Photographer Rachel Stern creates self-portraits standing at the border in between the limit of self perception and self realness. Thus creating historic pictures of her self.

The whole show evokes a century of limits and emotions that guide our steps and decisions. And as emphasized the curator Sasha Okshteyn, ‘In an age where we know more of what’s out there, we feel less than or that we’re making the wrong decision in how we slice up the pie – no matter how we slice it.

RACHEL STERN, Bearded Idol, 2013, C-print, 25 × 20 in, 63.5 × 50.8 cm, Edition 1/7

ANASTASIA AX, The World As Of Yesterday 2015, Object 3, 2015, Recycled paper, black ink, rope

ROSS SIMONINI, Anxiety Napkin (bidens pilosa), 2014, Food, beverage, paint, and ink on restaurant napkin, 20 × 20 in 50.8 × 50.8 cm

Anastasia Ax
Ross Simonini
Nicole Reber
Rachel Stern
Black & White Gallery

January 8 – February 21, 2016

56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn New York 11206