Last Exit: Pictures

Mrz 20, 2012


Giving respective importance to each medium, the exhibition Last Exit: Pictures maps out some of the problematics of representation. What is at stake, is neither historical nor medium-based: it is to circumscribe the redefinition of both role and nature that images undergo during this period.

At the heart of this exhibition lies the interest to show „images“ in all possible states (appropriated, displaced, painted, re-photographed, combined, etc.), to follow their migration from one support to the other, and to underline the centrality of a critical „iconology“ that these artists share, despite their generational or esthetical differences, for a last time in our Western history. The 1990s and the 2000s will in fact show a completely other sensibility to images, their re-presentation and their modes of existence – within art as much as in our society.

Amongst others, works from Jack Goldstein, Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine, Robert Longo, Allan McCollum, John Miller, Steven Parrino and Richard Prince are on show.


BFAS Blondeau Fine Art Services

March 15th – April 21st, 2012
5, rue de la Muse
1205 Geneva