Peikwen Cheng

Mrz 9, 2012


All the tools of human reason are rendered impotent in the visual space of Peikwen Cheng’s photographs: they seem to be part of a different world, one that is playful and intuitive. The only constant in the series is the rough, barren landscape.

There are some elements in the photographs that refer to the real world but they still provide a state of uncertainty. All of the photographs were taken in the deserts of Nevada at Burning Man Festival, unstaged and without digital editing. The festival is a huge playground for the creative homo ludens who counters the rigidity and routines of everyday life with the temporary and singular experience of the event.

The exhibition Lost and Found shows Peikwen’s experiences when he left the big American cities behind him and travelled deep into Black Rock Desert to document surreal daydreams and those who conceived them. Cheng’s black-and-white photographs are evocative of epic film sequences—familiar yet disturbing, clear yet nebulous.


C/O Berlin

March 3rd – May 1st, 2012
Oranienburger Str 35/36
10117 Berlin

Peikwen Cheng