Robel Temesgen

Jan 6, 2016


Tiwani Contemporary ist honoring Ethiopian artist Robel Temesgen with a solo show entitled ‘Adbar’. Coming in various formats, the pieces are a conglomerate of diverse techniques such as acrylic, nail paint, ink pen and permanent marker on paper.

As evoked by its title, the exhibition is grounded in Ethiopian beliefs. ‘Albar’ stands for the embodiment of protective spirits within various elements of the natural landscape, such as lakes, mountains, rocks or trees. Elements possessing adbar become instantly spiritual, linking people and the world. They thus become community point, reunion spots. After experiencing with video and installation, this show exclusively deal with painting in huge formats scrolling down the floor with ‘Adbar IV’ and its stormy dreamy unrealistic landscape or smallest size as with ‘Adbar II’in which a silhouette face lost in a desert, reminds iconic pieces of Dali.

Adbar was first showed at Kurant Visningsrom in Tromsø and is now touring in London exhibiting its colorful ethereal landscapes.

ROBEL TEMESGEN, Adbar IV, 2015, Nail paint, enamel paint, spray paint, ink pen, pencil, Tippex, sticker and permanent marker on photographic paper, 84 3/10 × 196 9/10 in, 214 × 500 cm

ROBEL TEMESGEN, Adbar II, 2015, Mixed media on paper, 9 2/5 × 57 1/2 in, 100 × 146 cm

Robel Temesgen
Tiwani Contemporary

January 6 – February 7, 2016

16 Little Portland Street
London W1W 8BP
United Kingdom