Song Dong
‘Surplus Value’

Dez 19, 2015


Pace Beijing is presenting a Song Dong exhibition. ‘Surplus Value’ is the third element of the trilogy formed by ‘Waste Not’ and ‘Wisdom of the Poor, Dong’s latest shows. Through a plurality of means including video, photography and sculpture Dong explores human endeavor and notions of impermanence.

With two retrospectives devoted this year at the Granger Museum and Kunsthalle Dusseldorf to the Chinese artist, Dong appears as a leading international artist. With ‘Surplus Value’ he continues the path began with ‘Waste Not’ and ‘Wisdom of the Poor’ in which he reaffirmed the values of everyday objects and combined personal items with masses ones to asses the power of poverty. With ’Surplus Value’ Dong creates abstract installation out of disregarded objects that lost their original value. As asserted by the artist ‘Surplus value’ is value that people recognize beyond existing value. It is overlooked value. It is not about exploitation, but about discovery and creation. It is the ‘usefulness of uselessness.’’ Inspired by Marxist political economics applied to art, Dong’s approach presents a form of wisdom from the streets.

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Pace Gallery

December 19 – February 27, 2016

798 Art District, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100015