Urs Fischer

Feb 23, 2012

Los Angeles

Fischer’s uncanny ability to envisage and produce objects on the brink of falling apart or undergoing psychic transformation has resulted in sculptures in a bewildering variety of materials, including unstable substances such as melting wax and rotting vegetables. Continuously searching for new sculptural solutions, he has built houses out of bread, enlivened empty space with mechanistic jokes, deconstructed objects and then replicated them, and transferred others from three dimensions to two and back again via photographic processes. He combines daring formal adventures in space, scale, and material with a mordant sense of humor.

In recent times, Fischer has been exploring the genres of classical art history (still lifes, portraits, nudes, landscapes, and interiors) at the intersection with everyday life—in cast sculptures and assemblages, paintings, digital montages, spatial installations, mutating or kinetic objects, and texts.

Bed & Problem Paintings showcases new works by Urs Fischer and marks his first exhibition with the gallery Gagosian.


February 23rd – April 7th, 2012
456 North Camden Drive
CA 90210 Los Angeles

Urs Fischer