Aaron Van Erp
‚Azuurblauwe Zeeen, Hondsolle Chimpansees en Tomatensoep‘

Mai 14, 2015


For the second time, Aaron van Erp is featured at the Tim Van Laere Gallery with his show ‘Azuurblauwe Zeeen, Hondsolle Chimpansees en Tomatensoep’. Inspired from Joseph Conrads ‘Victory: An Island Tale’ and ‘ Heart of Darkness’, this show evokes as well Van Erp’s comments on social and political issues that regulate and govern the actual world. The Dutch artist uses oil on canvas as well as the techniques of old Venetian masters such as Tintoretto and Titian to shape his imagery.

With paintings named ‘Victory, an oil rig painting’ or ‘Champagne socialist Russel Brand and Friday against Madame Kurtz and her soup kettle’, Arron Van Erp makes no secret of his political interest and opinion. As such, his works denounce violence, the right for freedom, for thought, and overall the human suffering. With ‘Azuurblauwe Zeeen, Hondsolle Chimpansees en Tomatensoep’, he delivers a very intimate show going so far as representing for the first time portraits of his music band, the Haatbaard.

AARON VAN ERP, Eenzame wandelaars met groupie, tentakels en Wagyu, 2014,280 x 200 cm, oil on canvas

AARON VAN ERP, Zingend soep eten (Jonkheer Braeckderm), 2014-2015, 60 x 50 cm, oil on canvas

Tim Van Laere Gallery

April 30 – June 13, 2015

Verlatstraat 23-25
2000 Antwerp