Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz
‚Delirious Picasso‘

Mai 14, 2015

New York

Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz is currently showing ‚Delirious Picasso‚. Famous for his art historical associations and realizations, Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz creates a boundary between East and West with ‚Delirious Picasso‘. The series of fourteen paintings combines the art of Picasso with the one of Ukiyo-e artists such as Kunioshi Utagawa, a major artist of the movement.

The title inspired by the Delirious New York of Ren Koolhas. Both Japanese and Picasso aesthetics are mixed up to generate the very unique appearance of Von Lenkiewcz’s pieces. The favorite figures of the Spanish artists are easily recognizable such as his Musketeer and his Buste de femme to which Von Lenkiewcz added samurai matters. This phenomenon is highly tangible with Giants, a piece that joins five panels in order to create a Giant one, as well scale-wise than figurative-wise. Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz’s body of work is part of the show ‘Picasso in Contemporary Art’ at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg.


Man with a Pipe, 2014–15, oil on canvas, 300 × 200 cm

The Carp Lady, 2014–15, oil on canvas, 300 × 200 cm

Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz

May 12 – May 17, 2015

Academy Mansion
2 E 63RD ST
New York, NY 10065