Alec Soth
‘Gatered Leaves’

Okt 10, 2015


The Science Museum of London is displaying the spot on anthropological photographic works by Alec Soth. ‘Gathered Leaves’ is the first UK exhibition of the American photographer who is represented by famous Magnum agency. It retraces his career of both portraiture and landscape photography.

Through his publications ‘Sleeping by the Mississippi’, ‘The Little Brown Mushrooms’ or ‚Niagara’, Alec Soth depicts ordinary moments of the American middle class. While he visits their homes and celebrations such as weddings ceremony, he zooms in the people themselves. Soth’s body of work contains a considerable collection of portraits catching the most intimate essence of his subjects’ gaze. As explained by the artist ‘To me the most beautiful thing is vulnerability’ which is easily noticeable through his very human depiction of the persons he encounters along his travels.



Alex Soth

Science Museum of London

October 06, 2015 – Mars 28, 2015

Exhibition Road
South Kensington