Anika Lori

Nov 2, 2012


The snake, the mountain and the all-seeing eye. Classic symbols and themes populate Anika Lori’s new body of work on glass, canvas and paper. The snake has embodied many meanings throughout history, as symbol of death, fertility, fall of man, chaos, cosmic eternity, the female element, phallus and oracle. The mountain was where we sought a higher level of enlightenment. It was here Moses received the Ten Commandments, it is here some Gods live, it is on the mountain we still die to conquer and manifest human superiority. It’s on the mountain we approach the divine. It is also on the mountain Jesus is tempted by the Devil, it is here trolls, witches and the outsiders dwell, it is here Frodo must deliver the ring. We all climb mountains in various forms as part of our becoming. The mountain is sexy, Venusberg, home to the goddess of love. The all-seeing eye exists in many religions and can still be found on the American dollar bill. They are keeping an eye on us, out for us, even though it seems they do not, or do they?

In her current exhibition The Hunger, Anika Lori examines and test metaphysical symbolism in a contemporary context.

Anika Lori


November 2nd – November 24th, 2012
Flæsketorvet 69 – 71
1711 Copenhagen V